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Friday, 31 March 2017

love letter


i wish that i could says i love you only one more time,
and you will not let me go as you do now,
but i guess that only hopes that i could not reach even how hard i try

i wish i could wish you a good night wishes everyday,
as i do before,
but guess you may not need it
as you pleased other girls to wish you now

i hope i could hug you tight,
and you hug me back tightly
which comfort me
like always you do,
wiped my tears as you really care about me

but now i realize,
everything that i had is lose bit by little bit,
i lose the one i love,
i lose the one trust,
my heart break into pieces.
my tears falling like bullet
even how hard i try to stop it it seems had never ending

just one more time, let me says that i love you
love you more than you do,
kissing you like you wont me go
laugh with you as it going to be happy ending

once again it all make me capable,
even how hard i miss you,
how hard i want to tell you my feeling,
my guilt.
but all you do is make me feel you don't care anymore

it sucks, to keep it inside all of this
but watching you like that make me feel dumb
i wish just one more time to make you laugh cause that the only way
to make me know that i am okay. i wish you too