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Saturday, 14 July 2018


Assalamualaikum, hi guys.

Yeay i'm comeback with the new entry *clap, clap, clap*  So first of all i would like to wish you happy eidul fitri everyone *speak out a bit loud* masih tak terlambat rasanya kan for wish you guys happy eid?? What up with this new entry?? So today i would like to tell you guys about Dodacouture. 😅 

Untuk korang yang baru first time nampak Dodacouture ni, insya Allah malam ni sis akan perkenalkan korang dengan jenama dodacouture ni. Actually it been long time to for me to write about this but i don't find a suitable time, so disebabkan malam ni sis dapat waktu yang terluang sikit so i share with you guys my new business. Untuk korang yang tanya apa tu Dodacouture?? Dodacouture is a new invention of brand that been made by my friend. *invention kau* so far Dodacouture release 2 type of tudung sepanjang tahun 2017 to 2018. what kind of tudung?? so this is for you guys yang minat sangat dengan tudung bawal. *shout out*

So what so special about Dodacouture ?? mesti korang nak tau kan.... For me the special is the material that been used for this kind of tudung. Dodacouture have been release 2 type of material one of all adalah chiffon. Sis tau memang ramai peminat chiffon ni so you guys can get it one too for your collection. This material memang senang nak seterika and i only iron it once and sometime balik kerja sis just campak je tudung tu. However, it is dia tak kedut pun so it really save my time sebab tak payah nak seterika banyak kali. The second type of material is kain Aritachi. sis tau ramai yang tak familiar dengan kain ni, and i was like that once too. So after i bought it, i feel aritachi is a material that is sejuk, i mean whenever you guys pakai even kalau korang keluar material dia tak panas so takdelah berlecakkan. For Aritachi material dia a bit soft than chiffon kalau korang nak tau, also easy to iron cumanya i recommed do not put your iron too hot or else korang boleh guna steam iron so dia takdelah ikut setereka korang. 

untuk korang yang nak tau macam mana nk dapatkan tudung Dodacouture you guys can follow at fb or instagram just type @Dodacouture or else you can get an update through my instagram or facebook  @humaira.shoppes * meh like and commend banyak-banyak kat sini ok* atau korang boleh jugak what apps agent-agent Dodacouture. kami ada agent Gombak (merangkumi taman melati and uia ) also we have area Bangsar ( the dodacoture inventor) also you can get an update at @Quinsleek instagram also for taman melati and few lrt station kalau tak salah sis. 

note: untuk korang yang minat shawl, inysa Allah, tak lama lagi Dodacoture akan release kan tudung yang terbaru which is shawl type. So don't forget to wait for it ya.